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Cambs Senior Ists Battle at Herts II

After a short three weeks since the first County match, the Cambs Ist team woke up early for the second match against the Herts IInds. The team received a warm welcome from the opponents with snacks and drinks and referees all ready upon arrival.

Shortly after 10am, the supposed singles specialists were called on all four courts to heat up the hall. Min showed quality play winning the first game against Matthew Widdicombe, but it was the second and the third games where the young Herts player showed his skills and consistency winning the match without much drama. Neil was challenged by a fit and eager-to-win opponent, James Reynolds, to whom Neil succumbed in straight games. Nat played against Frankie Edelmann in three games as did Olga against Laura Cousins, but both singles were won by Herts, giving a 4­-0 lead.

After the cold singles shower, the singles specialists teamed up with their partners for some fast doubles. Min with Simon faced Andy Walden and James Reynolds. It was a challenging encounter for both pairs. Min and Simon had to deal with the left­handed players and took time to adjust tactics after losing the first game, but thanks to a combination of Simon’s fast moves and leadership, and Min’s confidence and powerful smashes, the match was won by Min and Simon. 

Neil and James faced Chris Holt and Matthew Widdicombe. Neil and James started with no remorse, winning the first game and pushed the opponents into the corner. It was a challenging fight for both pairs, but the Herts pair came out stronger in the third game winning the match. 

Nat and Sara played against Frankie Edelmann and Laura Cousins. Despite a close ending in the first game, the match was won by the Herts pair. 

Olga built strong partnership with Alison in their doubles playing against Kat Young and Katy Warden. The match was won by Olga and Alison in straight games. 

In the second doubles round Min with Simon had another fast hour of doubles mixed with emotion and great moments. It took three games to decide the winners, but it was Min and Simon who played better and emerged victorious.

On the other court Neil and James played against the left­handed opponents, which was much difficult than anticipated and run out of time giving the win to the Herts pair.

Nat and Sara reloaded for the next round of doubles in full gear and won the first game with authority, but after the 2 minutes break the opponents found a difficult-­to-­crack failsafe way out from shellacking, winning the match in three games.

Olga and Alison in their second doubles match met the challenging opponents and exchanged trickery, but the opponents escaped the pressure and won the match in straight games. 

Mixed doubles started with passions running high despite the unfavorable score. Min and Olga faced Andy Walden and Kat Wright. The match oscillated slowly for both pairs without easy shots to each other, but it was Cambs' Min and Olga who grew frailer and lost the match in straight games.

Simon teamed up with Nat against Matthew Widdicombe and Laura Cousins. It was Simon and Nat who outfoxed the opponents and led the match to a win in straight games. Sara and James met Chris Holt and Katy Warden. It was Sara's anticipation abilities and James' persistence that led to a win in long three games.

So the match was lost 6-­9 to Herts, which earned one point to the Cambs Ist.

Big thanks to Alison for the lovely cakes and Simon for becoming the player of the match.

Match report by Min Dabasinskas.

More information about results of the Cambs I team is available on the Team Page.

Cambs Ist Team Face Headwind at Warks

Cambridgeshire Ist Team were excited about their first match of the season after being promoted into Division 2 last season. It was an away match against Warwickshire IInds, Sara’s home team for 15 years!

Min started the singles with a cracking win at the no. 1 spot, however Paul looked a little rusty and lost his singles in 3. Natalie had a tough game although didn’t look her usual speed and was beaten by a strong youngster, while Olga evened up the singles with a comfortable win. 

In the men’s doubles there were some fast exciting rallies and the quality of play was awesome, but in the end the Warwickshire men outclassed Cambs and took all the men’s doubles. 

Unfortunately Nat and Sara were not their usual selves and with a high number of unforced errors they lost their first match, redeeming themselves slightly with an easy win against the Warks 2nd ladies pair.  

Olga teamed up with Ist team debutant Adele and after using the first game to get into their stride they made a convincing pair by winning their first match and then, with the rest of the Cambs team roaring their support, also defeating Warwickshire’s first pair in an exciting 3-end match.

Going into the mixed we were down 6-5, but once again Warks demonstrated their strength by taking all 3 games in straight sets. 

So for the first match of the season a mixed start with some high class badminton, mixed in with some rusty play. Overall disappointing that we were unable to secure ourselves a point, but we were definitely the most vocal team and the cakes (made by Natalie) were amazing!

Cakes – Flapjack with a layer of mars and topped with a layer of white chocolate = yumminess.

Player of the Match - TBC

Match report by Sara Cunnington.

More information about results of the Cambs I team is available on the Team Page.

Senior County Selection 2013-14

As always, senior County selection has been a very long and challenging  process, with many players making strong cases for their inclusion.  Please appreciate that the Selection Committee apply a considerable amount of time and thought to the decision, and that there are only a very limited number of places to be offered.  We have tried to be as objective and fair as we can in applying the following selection criteria:

  • County performance from the previous season;
  • Results at the restricted tournament;
  • Results at other tournaments over the last twelve months;
  • Potential for improvement / Development trajectory;
  • Availability; and
  • Commitment to the County.

The standard within all the teams this year is incredibly strong. For anyone who is disappointed at not making a team, it is worth noting that in previous seasons there are often opportunities to play up or play within teams and due to the competition this year (especially for the Mens III spaces) the Selection Committee certainly hope that most players get their chance to show off their ability.

Please continue to let the Selection Committee know ( of any achievements or improvements that you have as the more information we have is better to aid our selection.

This season we are submitting three teams: Ist team (Division 2), IInd team (Division 5) and IIIrd team (Division 6).  If you want to add fixtures to your phone/Google calendar, then instructions are at

We hope everyone has a great season and plays well, and remember to give full vocal support to your team-mates.

Best of luck,

(Dan, Graham, John, Katie & Sara)

Cambridgeshire County Teams 2013-14


(Division 2: First Match 27th October away)

Mindaugas Dabasinskas, Paul Heads, Sam Scharf, Simon Woodhouse

Alison Meijers, Olga Bryant, Natalie Taylor, Sara Cunnington ( ©


(Division 5: First Match 20th October away)

Abu Kaher, Daniel Bates ( ©, Joe Pickering, Neil Place, Stephen Pickering

Adele Woodhams, Kate Marshall, Katie Morton, Louise Tarbit, Vicky Norris


(Division 6: First Match 13th October away)

Ben Aldred, Damien Dugmore, James Watkins, Paul Martell ( ©, Geoff Green

Laurel Bennett, Liz Salmon, Sharon Chandler, Tanny Dan

RESERVES (in no particular order)

James Wilson, Graham Barr, Will Hodgkins, Sanjeev Balasuthenthirarajan, Tom Frearson, Sunny Kong, Michael Parker, Simon Parker, Adam Parr, Kaylan Sutton-Ziaian, John Tibbutt

Yoong-Eun Kwon, Jo Brant, Emma Best, Molly Carter, Lisa Goff, Stacy Knoop, Hazel Greetham, Emma Brewster, Holly Gale, Sammy Jones,

Cambs I Continue Division 3 Central Assault

On the 16th December Cambridgeshire's Ist team travelled to Staffordshire to play their IInd team.  Cambridgeshire fielded their strongest team, although they were carrying a few of injuries.

Min Dabasinskas started off the match with an impressive, although very close, win against Staffordshire's top mens singles player (22-20, 21-18). Unfortunately the other singles matches all went Staffordshire's way.  Tom Li, returning from injury, struggled against a strong Staffordshire 2nd mens singles player, losing in two games 15-21, 13-21.  Olga Bryant, Cambs' 1st ladies singles player struggled to adjust to the lighting in the hall, losing 17-21, 16-21.  Cambs' 2nd ladies singles player, Sara Mason (filling in for an injured Natalie Taylor) put up a very gallant fight, but also struggled to adjust to the hall and shuttle speed, losing a close game, 21-14, 15-21, 17-21.

After a quick motivational team chat, and a few sugar filled chocolate brownies, thanks to Louise (the loyal Ist team supporter), Cambridgeshire were determined to pick things back up in the doubles.  Cambs' 1st mens pair, Min and Simon Woodhouse, played their first game against an unorthodox pair from Staffs, and fought very hard for their 25-23, 23-21 win.  Neil Place and Tom then played against Staffs' 2nd pair but unfortunately lost 15-21, 19-21.  In the ladies doubles, the first 2 games were also split between Cambridgeshire and Staffordshire, with Sara and Nat beating their 1st pair comfortably 21-10, 21-17, whilst Olga and Jen Hewitt had a very strong start, but lost out in 3 ends (21-5, 17-21, 13-21).

At the half way point in the match, Cambridgeshire were 5-3 down and so needed a big effort to bring them back in to contention.  Si and Min went on court against the Staffs 2nd pair and showed their dominance by winning in 2 games (21-13,21-12).  Neil and Tom, playing against the Staffs 1st pair, put in a great fight but unfortunately left themselves too much to do in the third end after going down 11-2 at the start, eventually losing 16-21, 21-12, 16-21.  It was then the turn of the ladies... Nat and Sara came away with another win, beating Staffs 2nd pair 21-7, 16-21, 21-17, after the Staffs pair staged a small comeback in the 2nd end.  Jen and Olga then put in an outstanding performance, beating the Staffs 1st pair 23-21, 21-19 - Jen continues to be the player most able to hold her nerve when it comes to winning games in setting!

So, going into the mixed doubles, Cambridgeshire needed to win 2 out of 3 to win the match and maintain their winning streak.  Min and Olga very quickly overcame the Staffs 1st pair winning comfortably 21-11, 21-17. Then, after a nervy start from Neil and Sara, they came off court triumphant against the Staffs 3rd pair winning 15-21, 21-19, 21-5, securing the match win for Cambridgeshire.  Finally Si and Nat battled against the Staffs 2nd pair, but unfortunately, they were unable to tip the balance and win the game, eventually losing their first mixed of the season 21-19, 16-21, 16-21.

So, Cambridgeshire finish the match with their 100% winning record intact and definitely maintain their reputation as the most vocally supportive team in the league... Go CAMBS!!!!!

Player of the Match: TBC

Match report by Natalie Taylor.

More information about results of the Cambs I team is available on the Team Page.

Cambs I vs Worcs II

Cambs Ist team travelled to Worcestershire II on Sunday 11th November to build on their great start to the season and build further momentum on their push for promotion.  Ist team regulars Tom Li, Sara Mason & Olga Bryant were all missing, providing opportunities for Paul Heads, Katie Morton & Jess Sharman to step up.

The men's singles got the match off to the perfect start with straight-sets wins for both Min Dabasinskas and Paul Heads.  Min showed great composure & resolve in the 1st end to win 21-18 despite trailing 18-14, before dominating the 2nd end 21-17.  Paul was always in control of his match winning 21-10 & 21-11.

The ladies singles was much less straight forward with Natalie Taylor battling back after dropping the first set to win a nail-biting 3rd end 21-19 in a gruelling encounter. At 2nd ladies singles Katie Morton started strongly taking the 1st end, but was unfortunately unable to hang on as her strong & athletic opponent took the tie in 3 ends.

In the men's doubles this season's new partnership of Simon Woodhouse & Min maintained their unbeaten start to the season, with their fast-paced attacking badminton producing another 2 comfortable straight-sets wins.

Neil Place playing for the first time with Paul Heads secured an important 3-end victory over Worcestershire's 2nd men's pair.  However Worcestershire's top pair proved too strong, taking the rubber in straight sets.

The first ladies' doubles match saw an inspiring display of guts & composure as Nat & Jen Hewitt came from match points down at 18-20 in the 3rd end to win 23-21. Their 2nd match followed a similar vein as for the 2nd time they came from behind in the 3rd end to win 21-17.

The 2nd ladies' doubles pair of Katie Morton & Jess Sharman were unable to achieve the same success as they lost their first 21-8 21-14.  In their 2nd game against Worcestershire's top pair they showed some great form, just missing out in 3 ends.

So going into the mixed Cambs were 8-4 up, already having won the match but needing 2 of the 3 mixed to secure the bonus point.

Up first, playing at top mixed, was Simon Woodhouse and Natalie Taylor who produced an exceptional performance to win 27-25, 18-21, 21-9.

In the absence of Olga, Jen stepped in to partner Min at 2nd mixed.  Unfortunately they struggled to get a foothold in the game and fell to a 21-15, 21-17 defeat.

The final mixed game saw the regular 2nd team mixed pairing of Paul & Katie, who unfortunately were unable to capitalise on taking the 1st end as they lost in the 3rd end decider.

Player of the match is still TBC.

Cambs I are sitting comfortably at the top of the league with 8 points from a possible 9 and full of optimism for the season ahead.

Match report by Sara Mason.

More information about results of the Cambs I team is available on the Team Page.

Cambs Ist Team Continue Success

Cambs Ist team faced Nottinghamshire IInds at CRC on Sunday.  The singles started the match off strongly with Mindaugas Dabasinskas, Olga Bryant and Natalie Taylor all winning their games very comfortably in 2 ends. Thomas Li decided to get his money’s worth and gave his opponent a glimmer of hope after losing his 1st end to 12, before showing his true singles abilities by winning to just 9 & 16.

Once again the Notts men were no match for the almighty Min & Simon Woodhouse, who won both their games with relative ease. Neil Place & Thomas had more of a fight on their hands and after losing the first end to 17 they stepped up their game to take the next two ends by 18 & 16. They had another battle against the first pair, and narrowly missed out 21-18 in the third end. Most disappointingly was that the youngest star of the team, Thomas, injured himself during the match which will be a sad loss for the next game!

The first ladies doubles pair, Sara Mason & Nat, also came out strongly with 2 solid wins against the Notts ladies. The first match was against two younger players whose heads went down after they found that they were unable to get the shuttle past the Cambs pair. Though more sad was the lack of sportsmanship at the end when they only just managed to shake hands!

So despite the gauntlet set down in the first match report, Neil decided that he would change tack and remain on his feet! Although the same cannot be said for all the ladies… as Jen Hewitt decided she would battle it out with the boys for the best dive of the match!  Though wonder Jen was seen diving around the court as she fought for every point going. She teamed up once again with the awesome Olga, and battled it out against the second pair. They played well but lost in three ends, however went on to show their determination and fight by beating Notts first pair in 3 sets. A great result against Notts first pair.

And finally in the mixed Min/Olga and Si/Nat took the games that ensured a full three-point victory over Notts, winning in 2 games and Si/Nat winning in 3 ends. The third pair, Neil/Sara, had a less than interesting game with the height of the opposition causing difficulties and lost in 2 ends.

A short and sweet match report, tho not as sweet as the yummy rock cakes baked by Jen! High bars set by Olga’s choc cake in the first match, and Jen’s rock cakes… can the boys perform in the baking dept as well as they do on court?? Time will tell!!

A special mention to Thomas Li, who was voted player of the match for really stepping up his performance this match.

Well done Cambs I - another county match and another win under the belt as they beat Notts 2 by 12-3 to once again take full points.

Match report by Sara Mason.

More information about results of the Cambs I team is available on the Team Page.

Cambs I Strike Out on Right Foot

The first match of the season for Cambs 1 started on a high, with an inspiring 14-1 win against Worcs 2.

Min (Mindaugas Dabasinskas) played first singles against a tough opponent, and after losing his first game to 16, demonstrated his strength and stamina by winning the next two ends to 12 and 14.  Thomas Li played his first game as a Cambs 1 player, and came out fighting. He won his first game to 16, lost the second game to 17, and then showed his strength of character by winning the third end to a closely fought 22-20. Nat Taylor and Olga Bryant went on to show their singles abilities by winning comfortable games to 14 & 8, and 17 & 10 respectively. A composed and consistent game by both ladies. To finish the singles 4-0 up was a fantastic result.

Going into the men’s doubles was a nerve racking and fingernail biting experience, with two relatively new pairings put to the test. However they did not disappoint! Min and Simon Woodhouse took the first end to work out their game style wining narrowly by 23-21, and then showed off their skills by winning the 2nd game to 15. They continued their winning streak by beating the second pair to 17 & 19. Neil Place & Thomas Li looked solid in their first game winning to 15 & 16, and despite a fantastic effort they narrowly missed beating Worc first pair to 17 in the third end. Well played to all the men, tho the bets are on for who will get the highest score for floor dives. Place your bets now for Min vs. Neil…

Although the ladies managed to remain in upright positions on the court, their games were no less interesting than the men’s. There were some well fought battles, with 3 of the games going to 3 ends. Once against the ladies showed their strength, and had a momentous victory by winning all four doubles. Nat Taylor and Sara Mason have worked hard on their positioning, and it showed as they glided around each other on the court. And a warm welcome to Jen Hewitt who made her debut for Cambs County. She teamed up with Olga Bryant to make a strong second pair, and despite their relatively new pairing they demonstrated their awesome racket skills and knowledge to win both games.

Going into the mixed Cambs 1 continued their dominance, with Olga and Min winning to 21-12 & 21-13, Nat and Si winning 21-14 & 22-20, and finally Sara and Neil winning to 21-15 & 21-7.

First game for the first team a 14-1 victory.  Bring on Notts next week.

Cambs Ist Team 2012-13

Match report by Neil Place/Sara Mason.

More information about results of the Cambs I team is available on the Team Page.