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Age and Experience Conquer Youth in Nail-Biting First Cambs II Match

Cambs IInd team started their 2014-2015 campaign in style with a close but well-deserved victory over a youthful Middlesex IVth team.

With Cambs II narrowly missing promotion for the last 2 seasons, tensions were high for the opening game which featured several new faces in the team, including Shan Sundra, Marijn Prins and Jaclyn Lai.

With our most senior gentlemen, Neil Place and Dan Bates stepping up for the men’s singles, both put in a valiant effort but were defeated, with Neil Place taking his to a third end. Our new recruit Marijn Prins took on an excellent singles player from Middlesex but unfortunately lost in 2. Our reserve, Jaclyn Lai also lost in 2, having had a very close game against another Middlesex youngster.

In was Cambs turn to step it up a gear in the doubles. Both mens partnerships, Neil Place and Dan Bates and Abu Kaher and Shan Sundra won their first matches fairly comfortably, despite it taking our team a while to adjust to one side of the Middlesex hall which had the visibility of a murky pond!

Next it was the ladies turn to get going, with Adele Woodhams and Katie Morton winning comfortably in 2 games against Middlesex 1st pair. Marijn Prins and Jaclyn Lai put in a stellar performance but were pipped at the post in a close 3-ender by Middlesex's 2nd pair.

On the cross-over doubles, both mens teams won all their games, with Neil and Dan looking solid. Abu and Shan had a shakier win, taking the Middlesex 1st pair to three, but pulling out some classy badminton and some very sneaky shots to take the win.  Adele and Katie also won in two against Middlesex 2nd pair. Jaclyn and Marijn played well and started to click on court, but were pipped to the post by the Middlesex ladies.

In typical Cambridgeshire fashion, we decided to leave it all down to the mixed doubles. At this point, the score was 6-6 and bums were beginning to get twitchy!

Cambs 2nd pair, Shan and Marijn got off to a cracking start, with Marijn exerting her dominance at the net. Abu and Katie were less successful, losing in 3 to their 3rd pair. This meant that it all rested on our first pair, Neil and Adele to bring home the bacon. In typical Cambs fashion, it went to a third end and despite being up on the turn, Neil and Adele went 20-18 down, and had a racket clash in which Adele broke her (brand new) racket. However, despite these factors, they both held their nerve and proceeded to win 27-25!

After a quick toilet trip for all(!), we left for the journey home feeling exhausted yet very satisfied with our team performance.

Well done Cambs II, a great start to the season!

The team: Neil Place, Daniel Bates, Abu Kaher, Sutharshanan Sundrapandi, Katie Morton (c), Adele Woodhams, Marijn Prins, Jaclyn Lai.

More information about results of the Cambs II team is available on the Team Page.


Cambs II Suffers Warks Heartbreak

With the season beginning to draw to a close, the battle for leadership in the ICC Division 5 East has been a close one.  In their penultimate match of the season, the senior IInd team faced league-leaders Warwickshire IIIrds.

There were three possible outcomes: win outright and grasp promotion out of the Division; take a narrow win and go into the last match with a chance; or suffer defeat and see the chance slip away.

Unfortunately, at the end of the day, it was not to be.  

Stephen Pickering played a strong game of singles, but unfortunately couldn't overcome opponent Will Kitching.  Both ladies also lost their singles against tricky opponents, so it was only Neil Place continuing his excellent singles record this season who won by beating Warwickshire's James Taylor.

Even though it was 1-3 after the singles, this was still one game better than when Cambs had lost the 8-7 reverse match at the start of the season, so there was still hope.  However, the scale of the challenge became evident when three of the four level doubles also went to Warwickshire. Katie Morton and Vicky Norris enjoyed a comfortable victory, while Adele Woodhams and Louise Tarbit couldn't overcome their opponents.  In the mens, both matches were high-octane crash bang affairs, running to close three ends but with Cambs unable to find the consistency and calmness to secure either.

After a regrouping, the reverse fixtures were a little better. Neil and Daniel came out fighting to win their game in two ends, as did Adele and Louise.  Warks however continued to build on their lead and with the final mens doubles matching reaching a pitched conclusion, and with everyone looking on, the eighth game - and with it the league title - was secured.

With heads held high, Cambs went on to complete the mixed and show their traditional strength in the discipline.  While Neil and Adele failed to secure the win, both Stephen and Lou, and Daniel and Katie, took the scant consolation of winning mixed games that had still been battled right to the last point.

In the end, the team had left everything of themselves on the court. Sadly, it was not enough.  Having been promoted to this Division only two years ago though, it is a very respectful result to be challenging so closely for a further improvement in position.

The team goes into the last match against Leicestershire to play for their pride, to match Warwickshire on points (some scant moral victory), and knowing that the match potentially has impact on others in the Division.

The team: Stephen Pickering, Neil Place, Daniel Bates (c), Graham Barr, Vicky Norris, Katie Morton, Adele Woodhams, Louise Tarbit.

More information about results of the Cambs II team is available on the Team Page.

Suffolk Trip Keeps Cambs Hopes Alive

Containing many strong teams, the ICC Division 5 East is proving to be an extremely tight competition this year. Every point is going to count at the end of the season.

When Cambridgeshire's senior IInd team arrived at Suffolk, they could see that a stiff test lay ahead.  Although Suffolk had lost their captain to a higher team, they had called upon some strong ladies to bolster their squad.

Going into the singles, Stephen Pickering was seeking to avenge his defeat against this team from earlier in the season.  After a tight 24-22 victory in the first, he won the mental advantage and quickly finished the second 21-11.  Neil Place also threw himself into his singles with gusto - belying his appearance in the Norfolk Silver less than 24 hours earlier - and again won in straight games.

The ladies faced the altered Suffolk lineup, and found the challenge testing.  Kate Marshall fought hard to a 24-22 victory in the first end, but couldn't maintain the advantage and lost in three. Vicky Norris also showed resistance, but was beaten by Kym Gormer in straight games.

In the mens doubles, Neil and captain Daniel Bates maintained their impressive winning streak, finishing both games in two.  With Abu Kaher now sunning himself in Bangladesh, the remaining mens slot fell to Graham Barr who combined with Stephen to great effect, and they also won both games without dropping a rubber.

The ladies faced stiff competition again, but came out with real reward.  Katie Morton and Vicky Norris put up a spirited fight, but were overcome with close scores against both pairs. However, it was Adele Woodhams and Louise Tarbit who chalked up the points, with a convincing straight-sets win against the first pair, and then again also recording a 21-14, 18-21, 21-18 victory against the second.

That had given Cambs the win, and with our traditional strength in mixed, the very slightest fraction of breathing space in our quest to secure all three points and keep the promotion dream alive.  Daniel and Kate teamed up smoothly and rampaged home first with a 21-9, 21-13 win at third slot. Cambs' nerves were then left to be frayed one last time, as Neil and Adele found the first Suffolk opposition too strong, losing 21-15, 21-9.

That left Stephen and Katie on court, with the entire hall watching, and their match having gone to the third end.  All four players strained sinew to fight over the last rubber, which was to decide the bonus point.  After holding their nerve and with some superb defensive work, it was Stephen and Katie who emerged victorious.  Cue much cheering, and curious whooping noises...

With two games left there is still much work to do, but Cambs II continue to seek their promotion.

The team: Stephen Pickering, Neil Place, Daniel Bates (c), Graham Barr, Kate Marshall, Vicky Norris, Katie Morton, Adele Woodhams, Louise Tarbit.

More information about results of the Cambs II team is available on the Team Page.

Cambs IInds Continue to Grind Out Results

Traditionally, the matches against neighbours Northants has always thrown up tight and hard-fought matches for the Cambs senior IInd team.  This Sunday was certainly no exception.  With the Inter-Counties Championships Division 5 East league finely balanced, both teams could go top of the table with a win.

It was certainly good weather for badminton, with gale-force winds and torrential rain battering the hall and lending an extra sense of foreboding to the events of the day.

The game started well, with both mens singles representatives Stephen Pickering and Neil Place clinching straight-sets wins.  It was harder going for the ladies though, and Adele Woodhams and Kate Marshall found the Northants girls strong and confident, and once the singles were over, the match was level at 2-2.

The men again went into the singles with a ferocity matching the weather, against Northants men who were also very quick and powerful.  After a brief slip in the middle end of their first game, Stephen and Abu Kaher won their games, and Masters partnership Neil and skipper Daniel Bates also secured full points in straight sets.

It was with the ladies again however, where Cambs found the resistance tougher.  Adele and Katie Morton won their first game comfortably, but then despite the closest of scores (23-21, 21-23, 20-22!!) couldn't quite close out the game against the second Northants pair.  Kate and Louise Tarbit struggled to establish a winning run, and lost both games.

So although the team entered the mixed 7-5 leaders, the result of the match, and even the destination of the bonus point, were still very much in the air.

Thankfully, Kate and Abu finished their mixed first, having triumphed in two ends, although Abu couldn't resist plucking taught nerves even further with a 21-19 finish in the second.  With the win secure, Neil and Adele came in next with a convincing win in the third end, notwithstanding a tense 28-26 win in the first, and loss in the second.

That left Stephen and Lou on court to fight for the bonus point to put clear space between Cambs and Northants at the top of the table, with the full vocal support of the team behind them. However, despite fighting to overcome a first game loss, and winning a commanding 21-11 in the second, they could never establish a lead and were taken 21-19 in the last. 

A result of 9-6 was a terrific outcome for the team - many of whom were coming into the match off the back of competing in the Cambs Silver the day before.  It leaves Cambs II in a commanding league position, with their success in their own hands.  Next match is the home return of Northants, so at least the same performance is required!

The team: Stephen Pickering, Neil Place, Abu Kaher, Daniel Bates (c), Katie Morton, Adele Woodhams, Kate Marshall, Louise Tarbit.

More information about results of the Cambs II team is available on the Team Page.

IInd Team Enjoy Home Success (and Chocolate Orange)

On Sunday 8th December, the Cambs Senior IInd team faced Leics IIIrds at CRC.  Having exchanged the honours 8/7 and 7/8 with the same team last season, a close match was expected.

Cambs' players however were out of the blocks swiftly, with Stephen Pickering, Neil Place and Adele Woodhams all enjoying success in their singles, and Vicky Norris also putting up a brave battle, beaten only 20-22 in the second game.

It was a similar story in the level doubles.  Stephen and Abu Kaher, and Neil and Daniel Bates all tore viciously through their Leics opponents in straight games.  Adele and Louise Tarbit also won their games, albeit with a mid-match wobble against the Leics second pair.  Vicky teamed with Kate Marshall, but they were edged out of both matches, although by a fine margin against the Leics first pair losing 20-22, 18-21.

With a 9-3 lead under their belts, and the full points within their grasp, it was a determined squad which returned to the courts for the mixed round. Neil and Adele enjoyed a topsy-turvy ride, only winning their first end 22-20 before really slotting into gear and taking the second 21-4!  Stephen and Louise and Abu and Kate followed them home with similar straight-sets victories.

So the final result was a super 12-3 outcome, and the IInd team go joint top of the Division 5 East table for the time being.

The team celebrated their result by devouring the chocolate orange brownie which had been baked especially for the occasion, and contained *LINDT orange intense dark chocolate*!!  It was a confectionery experience which will be tough to top...

The team: Stephen Pickering, Neil Place, Abu Kaher, Daniel Bates (c), Katie Morton, Adele Woodhams, Kate Marshall, Vicky Norris, Louise Tarbit.

More information about results of the Cambs II team is available on the Team Page.

Cambs II show Jekyll and Hyde performances against Beds II

Across 3 and 24 November, Cambs II faced a double-headed battle against the Beds II team away and at home, in what turned out to be a crazy tale of two matches.

The first match away at Beds was a cold and disappointing experience.  On a tricky, undulating surface, it was immediately apparent that it was likely to be a tough day, with Stephen Pickering, Abu Kaher and Molly Carter all beaten in the singles - only Stephen taking an end.  The only light in the tunnel was Adele Woodhams' singles, where she edged the third end 21-19.

In the mens doubles Cambs' recovered some composure.  Abu and Stephen continued what is becoming a strong partnership by taking both their games in straight sets, and Neil Place and Daniel Bates also took their first game in two, but were annoyingly defeated 21-19 in the third end of their second game which had been so tight that both other ends had run into setting.

The ladies were still struggling to impose themselves, with Molly and Kate Marshall, and Adele and Vicky Norris losing all four doubles matches, albeit with three going to three ends.

That left Cambs 4-8 down going into the mixed, with only the single point to fight for.  However, Neil and Adele succumbed quickly, and Daniel and Kate also suffered at the hands of a formidable singles player on the mixed court.  It was only Stephen and Adele who put up a fight by winning their second end to 14, but couldn't maintain their performance and were beaten in three.

So having lost 11-4 away, it was a nervous Cambs team that finally got to play on home turf on 24 November when Beds II returned.  Skipper Daniel Bates was suffering from a cold, so was replaced by James Watkins.  Katie Morton and Louise Tarbit also returned to bring the squad to full strength.  The Beds II team was familiar, albeit arranged in a slightly different way.

As soon as the singles began, it could be seen that Cambs were up for the fight.  Stephen Pickering triumphed quickly in straight sets 21-10, 21-11.  Neil Place and Kate Marshall both fought bravely, but were beaten in two, although Kate suffered a nailbiting 21-19 in the second end.  Vicky Norris though showed a strong performance, and won her match - accelerating away to a 21-14 win in the third end.

Just the glimmer of a chance gave Cambs the spur they needed going into the doubles, and with all four CRC courts in use, the action was frenetic.  Although this time three of the four mens' games went the distance, the Cambs men of Neil Place and James, and Abu Kaher and Stephen secured all four matches.  

In the brightness of the home CRC venue, the ladies doubles was night-and-day from the previous experience, with a battling performance throughout.  Katie Morton and Adele Woodhams gave a commanding showing winning both matches in straight games.  Kate and Louise Tarbit also worked well together, securing their first match before enjoying a walkover due to injury.

So, in an amazing turnabout, the score was 10-2 to Cambs going into the mixed, and the team was clearly on a roll.  Neil and Adele, and Abu and Katie, secured their matches in comfortable fashion in straight sets.  After narrowly losing the first game, Louise and Stephen also got back into gear, and won with a commanding 21-11, 21-11 finish, resulting in a 13-2 success for Cambs.

The lack of baking was amply made up for by the provision of incredible Flake (tm) Rolls!

The team: Stephen Pickering, Neil Place, Abu Kaher, James Watkins, Katie Morton, Adele Woodhams, Kate Marshall, Vicky Norris, Louise Tarbit.

More information about results of the Cambs II team is available on the Team Page.

Cambs IInd Team Kick Off Campaign at Warks

It was a cold and gloomy morning as the new-look Cambs II team met to kick off their 2013-14 ICC campaign. Indeed, activities were almost thwarted at the offset, with the team skipper almost laid low with a nasty tongue injury courtesy of the Wild Bean Cafe, and the team being separated early on by a late arrival (Brampton...Brampton Hut... What's the difference?).

However, these initial difficulties were overcome, and the team arrived to face a Warwickshire III team fielding a very familiar face, as Cambs' own Hannah Sharman had been drafted in as opposition.

Leading the line, Stephen Pickering and Neil Place began the singles. Having to harshly tip extremely fast shuttles, both struggled to establish dominance and fell in straight sets to the Warks men, albeit with Neil's traditional never-say-die attitude leading to a 21-23 loss in the second end.

Cambs II ladies were new-again-but-familiar faces, as Kate Marshall and Vicky Norris both returned to the fold after seasons away. However, the Warks players were again too strong, and both also lost in straight sets.

It was clear that it was going to be a struggle to extract points from the match. However, Cambs applied themselves with renewed vigor to the doubles. Neil and Daniel Bates were annoyingly pipped in the third end of their first doubles, losing 19-21 after failing to establish a lead throughout the game. Stephen and debutant Abu Kaher had almost identical games against the same pair, but managed to bring that third end in with a nail-biting 23-21. The other mens doubles were more comfortable, although still took three ends for Cambs wins.

The ladies doubles was a straight balance. Katie Morton and another debutant Adele Woodhams (ex Sussex) showed good understanding for a new pairing, winning both their games. Kate and Vicky found the going harder, and lost their games, despite some promising points and winning the first end of their second game.

That had resulted in a Warks carrying a 7-5 lead into the mixed. Cambs still harboured the silent (hah!) hope that they might sneak a victory in classic mixed smash-and-grab style. Sadly, Neil and Katie found the first Warks pair simply too fast and powerful, and were defeated 12-21, 14-21. With three courts in play by now though, the others were unaware. Stephen and Adele - having only met a couple of hours before - fought a tough game and came out winners, 23-12, 14-21, 21-19. Daniel and Kate finally secured the honour games, winning 21-13, 21-23, 21-16 and leaving the final score 8-7 to Warks.

This was a tough start for a team with many new and returning faces against a team relegated from a higher division last season (plus Hannah!).  However, there are many positives to be taken.  There is good strength in depth in this Cambs II squad, a lots of potential.  With more experience, they should make great strides in their division this season.

The team: Stephen Pickering, Neil Place, Abu Kaher, Daniel Bates (c), Katie Morton, Adele Woodhams, Kate Marshall, Vicky Norris.

More information about results of the Cambs II team is available on the Team Page.