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U15 Victors lift U19 Titles!

Singles Competition

As with the U15 Restricted held earlier in the year entries by the girls was greater than the boys - an unusual situation!


The boys played in one group of 6 as a round robin and it  produced some tight games with 21-19 and 21-20 appearing in the results (there was not setting at this stage of the competition). At the end of the Round Robin section points are added together to decide who proceeds to the semi finals.There was a clear winner on 105 points, then two boys on the same number of points (102) who were separated for the semi finals places by which one beat the other in the round robin, the forth place had 84 points.

Semi Finals

James Xu (1) v Cameron Foo (3): 21-19
Leo Huang (2) v Julian Owen (4): 21- 10

James (the reigning U15 Champion) went on to play  a mature game by beating Leo in the final and lift his second Restricted Title of the year.


Leo Huang v James Xu: 15-21


The girls were in two groups one of 4 and the other of 5. In the girls competition Group 2 was straight forward with two clear winners but Group 1 was a real tight battle for the semi final places with 3 of the five ending on 68 points. One of these had won a single games whereas two had won two. Of those two the victor during the round robin phase proceeds to the semi final.

Semi Finals

Amy Zhang  (winner G1) v Ghazal Seidi (R/Up G2): 21-16
Chanumi Gamage (G2)  v Alice Bates (R/Up G1): 21-9 

In the final, as with the boys, Chanumi (U15 Champion) beat her older opponent to lift the U19 title.


Chanumi Gamage v Amy Zhang: 21-7

Doubles Competition


With just 3 boys pairs entered a Round Robin was played and the 2 highest total points scores would play a 3 game final. The highest points system resulted in a pair that had lost both their games to 19 going through to the final ahead of a pair that had beaten them in the round robin.


Leo Huang and James Xu v Cameron Foo and Julian Owen: 21-12, 21-16


Compared to recent years there was a good entry with 5 girls pairs. After a few close games in the round robin there were 2 clear leaders who played for the U19 title.


Chanumi Gamage and Sophia Abbott v Amy Zhang and Eve Lauder: 19-21

Full scoresheets and photographs of winners and singles runners-up are in the Gallery pages.

Cambs Fun Tournament 27 February

On Saturday 38 competitors met at the One Leisure facility in St Ives to compete in the Cambs Schools Badminton Fun Tournament.

There were many good games across the three age categories.  The winners were as follows:

u/11 boys: Singles Winner Zai Spencer, runner up James Aspinal
u/11 boys: doubles winners Joe Shears and James Aspinal
u/11 girls: singles winner Nandana Rambukumar, runner up Carys Leung
u/11 girls: doubles winners Carys Leung and Nandana Rambukumar
U/13 boys: singles winner Wing Lun Lim, runner up Jeremy Yuan
u/13 boys: doubles winners Wing Lun Lim, Archira Waduge
u/13 girls: singles winner Ruby Spencer
u/13 girls: doubles – no entries
u/15 boys: singles winner Zak Aldous, runner up Wing Lun Lim
u/15 girls: singles winner Sophia Abbot, runner up Alice Bates
u/15 boys: doubles winners Wing Lun Lim and Archira Waduge
u/15 girls: doubles winners Sophia Abbott and Alice Bates

Full results sheets will be available shortly.

Well done to everyone who entered, and many thanks to Sandra Dennis for organising and running the event.

Badminton England's National Schools Championships Regional Round: 3 March

The East level 4 Regional round of Badminton England's National Schools Championships is taking place on Thursday 3rd March at The University of Cambridge Sports Centre.

The National Schools Championships is England's largest schools participation event with over 35,000 students representing more than 1,500 schools during the championships, culminating in the National Finals Weekend at the National Badminton Centre. However, we are continually looking at ways we can improve and increase the prestige of the National Schools Championships and one of the things we are looking to do is increase the prestige of the Regional Rounds as they are the last round before the National Finals Weekend.

We believe it would be great for the students playing at the Regional Rounds to see as many people as possible present from the local badminton community and it would be great if you are able to attend your Regional Round.

If you have any further questions about the National Schools Championships in general, please do not hesitate to contact me on 01908 268400 or via

Matt Hammond, Badminton England

U13s Victorious in First Friendly Match

Cambs' new U13 team

A new Cambs U13 team travelled to Northamptonshire on Sunday to play a friendly match against the Northants juniors.

With no Cambs U13 team in the Shires County League this season, or for the last few years, it was a momentous occasion for this group of players to get on the road and experience inter-County badminton.

In a superb result, the Cambs juniors secured a 12-8 victory.  With several players in the squad who still qualify as U11s, it was a very promising result from the team.

A team photograph, and the full match results sheet, is available in the Gallery section.

Thanks so much to new team managers Sue and Anil, and to the Northants squad for such a warm welcome.

Congratulations players!!  Hopefully this is the first taste of success leading to many future wins!

Upcoming Cambridgeshire Junior Tournaments

A number of competitive opportunities are available for junior players in and around Cambridgeshire in the New Year.

6 February sees the Suffolk U15 Bronze, which is a national circuit tournament for strong County players.  The Luton U15 Bronze follows closely behind on 13 February.

For U13s, the Essex U13 Bronze is on 21 February

On 21st February the U15 County Restricted will be held at Burwell Sports Centre from 1pm.  This is a tournament to determine the strongest County players in a specific age category.

On 27th February another Fun Tournament for U11, U13 and U15 age groups will be held at the One Leisure indoor centre in St Ives, from 9am.  The Fun Tournaments are aimed at ensuring enjoyment for players of any standard to get an experience of competitive play.

Entry forms for the local tournaments are available to download from the Tournament Entry Forms page.

Colchester Junior Level 1 Tournament 23 January

Often children are concerned about playing tournaments - getting started in can be tricky if they are worried that the don't have the experience to go straight into a Circuit, or even a Forza tournament.

Colchester & East Essex Badminton Federation have had the excellent idea of running a 'Level 1' tournament.  Level 1 events are aimed at school or club players with limited competitive experience. Entries will not be accepted from previous winners or pool winners at 2* events or anyone that has played in national age group tournaments (Gold, Silver, Bronze).  Entries are based on school years instead of U13/U15/U17 so children are more likely to be competing with players their own age.

Entries close on Friday 15 January, so if this sounds like a good opportunity for your child to get a taste of competitive play, then please download the entry form.

Cambs Junior Fun Tournament 14 November 2015

CRC was full of U11, U13 and U15 junior badminton players on Saturday for the Cambridgeshire Fun Tournament, held by Cambridgeshire Badminton Association with the generous support of Cambridgeshire Schools Badminton Association.

Congratulations to everyone who played, as there were many close games which were all played in excellent spirits.

The winners were:


Boys Singles: Adam Wang (RU Achira Waduge) / Girls Singles: Carys Leung (RU Phoebe Meikle)


Boys singles: Wing Lun Lim (RU Manula Dharmawardana) / Girls singles: Ruby Spencer (RU Olivia Chan)


Boys singles: Cameron Foo (RU Harry Zhao) / Girls singles: Sophia Abbott (RU Rachel Owen)


Boys doubles: Adam Wang & Achira Waduge (RU Zai & Oliver Winfield)/ Girls doubles: Sophie Biers & Carys Leung (RU Jasmine & Phoebe)


Boys doubles: Wing Lun Lim & Lewis Edmund (RU Zichen He & Manula Dharmawardana)/ Girls doubles: Sophie Biers & Carys Leung (RU Jasmine & Pheobe Meikle)


Boys doubles: Cameron Foo & Harry Zhao (RU Wing Lun Lim & Alec Davis) / Girls doubles: Rachel Owen & Alice Bates (RU Claudia Bazyk & Olivia Chan)

All the results sheets are available in the Gallery section.