IInd Team 2013-14

Badminton England Inter-County Championships Division 5 East 2013/14


Ladies: Adele Woodhams, Katie Morton, Louise Tarbit, Kate Marshall, Vicky Norris

Men: Stephen Pickering, Joe Pickering, Daniel Bates(c), Neil Place, Abu Kaher

Fixtures and Results

Date Home Visitor Score Scoresheet Report Player of the Match
20/10/2013 Warks III Cambs II 8-7 Scoresheet Report Stephen Picking / Abu Kaher (tie)
3/11/2013 Beds II Cambs II 11-4 Scoresheet Report Molly Carter, Vicky Norris, Neil Place & Adele Woodhams (all tied!)
24/11/2013 Cambs II Beds II 13-2 Scoresheet Report Abu Kaher, Kate Marshall, Vicky Norris, Neil Place, & Louise Tarbit (all tied!)
8/12/2013 Cambs II Leics III 12-3 Scoresheet Report Daniel Bates
5/1/2014 Cambs II Suffolk II 8-7 Scoresheet Report Neil Place
26/1/2014 Northants I Cambs II 6-9 Scoresheet Report Louise Tarbit
16/2/2014 Cambs II Northants I 9-6 Scoresheet Report Stephen Pickering
2/3/2014 Suffolk II Cambs II 5-10 Scoresheet Report Katie Morton
23/2/2014 Cambs II Warks III 6-9 Scoresheet Report Katie Morton
6/4/2014 Leics III Cambs II 6-9 Scoresheet Report Yoong Eun Kwon