A photograph gallery of badminton being played in Cambridgeshire.​

Cambs 2018-2019 Junior Teams

Fun Tournament 16 March 2019

Eric Raynor Trophy 2018

April 2018 Cambridgeshire Badminton Fun Tournament

49th Cambridgeshire Senior Silver Tournament March 2018

East of England Masters Silver 6th August 2017

East of England Masters Silver 5th August 2017

Cambridgeshire Summer Senior Bronze 8 July 2017

Cambridgeshire Players (Restricted) Tournament 1-2 October 2016

Cambs AGM May 2016

Cambs U20 and U16 Restricteds April 2017

Cambs AGM May 2016

Cambs U13 Friendly Match vs Suffolk 17 April 2016

Cambs U19 Restricted 3 April 2016

Cambs U15 Restricted 2016 21 February 2016

Cambs U13 Juniors Return to Action With First Friendly Against Northants 31 January 2016

Cambs Junior Fun Tournament 14 November 2015

Cambridgeshire U15 Junior Team Returns to the Shires League October 2015

Cambridgeshire Players (Restricted) Tournament 2015

The Eric Raynor Trophy

Cambridgeshire U19 Restricted 28 March 2015

Cambridgeshire Senior Silver 2015

Cambridgeshire U15 Bronze 2014

Cambridgeshire Players (Restricted) Tournament 2014

Eastern Region Single Sex Junior Tournament April 2014

Bill Pink Semi Finals April 2014

Cambridgeshire U19 Restricted 2014

Cambridgeshire Senior Silver 2014

Kent Masters Gold 2013

Cambs U15 Restricted Results 2013

Cambs Players (Restricted) Tournament 2013

BWF World Senior Championships 2013, Ankara, Turkey

World Transplant Games 2013

Cambs U19 Restricted 2013

Cambs Gallery