Senior County teams

Senior County Championship teams consist of 9 or more players, with at least 4 women and 5 men. Matches are played on dates and at venues organised by Badminton England on 3-4 weekends over the year. A match consists of 3 mens singles, 2 ladies singles, 2 men's doubles, 2 ladies doubles, and 2 mixed games. No individual player can play in more than 2 disciplines.

Cambridgeshire Badminton Association currently fields three senior teams.

The 2017/18 Senior County Championships will be played over three weekends in the season with those qualifying for the play-offs attending a fourth weekend:

  • 10th November 2018
  • 26th January 2019
  • 23rd and 24th March 2019

County selection

Player selection for the senior County Ist, IInd and IIIrd teams is the responsibility of the County Selection Committee.  Selection takes place shortly after the County Players (Restricted) Tournament, usually at the end of September each year.  Anyone wishing to be considered for selection is strongly encouraged to enter. 

The Selection Committee for 2018/19 is currently: 

  • Chair: Natalie Taylor
  • Steph Jong
  • Sam Scharf
  • Daniel Bates

To contact the Selection Committee, please email 

In making selection decisions, the Committee form their opinions based on the following set of criteria (in no particular order):

  • County performances from previous seasons;
  • Results at the restricted tournament;
  • Results in other competitive events (leagues and tournaments);
  • Potential for improvement / development trajectory;
  • Availability;
  • Discipline strength (given the format requirements of the County competition); and
  • Commitment to the County.

For more information please visit the BE County Championship site.