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Cambs IIIrds Enjoy Norfolk Romp

Cambs IIIrds hosted the youthful Norfolk III at the weekend and were keen to get revenge for their 6-9 loss before Christmas.  With the Ist team opponents Staffs cancelling due to the inclement weather, the teams could use all four courts for the match and the games flowed thick and fast.  Alison Greenhill got the match off to a perfect start by bringing along a delicious pumpkin cake (like carrot cake, but with pumpkin...) and also won quickly at first singles.  Sharon Chandler took one for the team in her least favourite event and despite coming close in the second set, lost in straight sets at second singles.  Several days later Geoff Green and Graham Barr eventually won in 3 sets at first and second singles respectively against sprightly opposition.  3-1 to Cambs.

Geoff teamed up with Paul Martell at first mens and continued his theme of getting his money's worth by beating the Norfolk first pair in 3 sets.  They settled down against the second pair and won quickly in straight sets.  Graham and Tom Zhang (J) at second mens obviously wanted to get to the cake quickly and won both their mens games in straight sets.

Alison and Sharon at first ladies suffered a slight hiccup by losing the second set against the second Norfolk pair, but were otherwise untroubled winning both ladies.  Dan Tan (Tanny) and Liz Salmon (who had answered the call to play late the night before) at second ladies followed suit, winning both in straight sets.

With the win, full points and revenge in the bag, the only thing left to play for was the race to get to the cake first.  Or rather second, since jet lagged captain Tibbutt had very considerately decided to 'test' the cake and make sure it was ok for the team to eat.  It was.  I can't actually remember who won the race to the cake as all 3 mixed pairs won in straight sets, but the match ended with a fantastic 14-1 winning score and slighty runny icing everywhere.

The team:  Geoff Green, Sharon Chandler: Comberton; Graham Barr, Alison Greenhill, Tom Zhang: Ramblers; Liz Salmon, Dan Tan: St Ives; Paul Martell: Hurst

Match report by John Tibbutt.

More information about results of the Cambs III team is available on the Team Page.