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IIIrd Team Struggle v Beds II

Second game in for the 3rd team proved a little harder than expected. With a few squad changes and some illness amongst the team - I guess that isn't the best preperation. Starting off with the mens singles, the 3rd team started off with a bit of a tough time...Tom up against a tough opponent, managing only to get 12 in both ends...Ray improving,, but still a little short with 16 and 15. Ladies singles on the other hand has been totally different, Laurel played as 1st this time, and had a very difficult and well trained opponent, taking it to 3 ends although loosing in the end(16-21, 21-17, 21-13)..and she had won her first singles on our first tie. Staci played at two this time around, and although she lost in two the second game was 26-24!, and she has had constant close matches always loosing at around 19!

Mens doubles. Owen and Tom having played together at the restricted had some history, but unfortunately this was one step up and lost both mens, though putting up a good fight. Playing at 2nds Damien and Ray took the Beds II pairs a bit further into 3 ends, however, without the killer instinct this time around weren't able to finish things off. Ladies doubles. Emma and Carolyn together for the first time played at 1 losing both games though close in all ends. Staci and Laurel played together at 2nd and were unfortaunately out played in both.

Mixed. Tom and Emma having played in the last match were put up as 1st pair, with Owen and Staci playing 2nd and Damien and Carolyn playing 3rds. With Owen and Staci going to 3 ends this looked like the best chance for a victory. Unfortunately the luck just didn't seem to be blowing in the way of Cambridgeshire and all three mixed ended up going the wrong way. All in all not the result that was hoped for, but it should not be forgotten that this is the first year the County has had a 3rd team. The purpose of which is a development team both for juniors and top club players to experience this level badminton. A couple of games in show that it takes a while to become acustomed to County level badminton, however, there is no doubt that over the season there will be a huge improvement.