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Cambs IInd Close Out Tough Leics Trip

Sunday saw apocalyptic weather, as Cambs IInd team fought the elements to travel to Leicestershire IIIrds for their second match of the season.  Once safely in the 'home of Leicestershire badminton' though, the team was still battered by a storm of tricky games.

With four courts in play, all the singles games went on together.  The men (stand-in Sam Scharf, and Paul Heads) secured reasonably comfortable wins, notwithstanding Paul being annoyed at his own performance in the second end having lost a comfortable lead to only win 23-21.  However, the girls faced an uphill task, playing strong Leics ladies.  Katie Morton was battling a hangover, while Jessica Sharman was grappling with singles nerves.  After starting brightly, Katie was edged out of a tight three-ender 21-18, 19-21, 17-21.  Jess was engaged in a singles game with the most astonishing number of serving errors from both players.  It really was down to who could serve the most consistently, and while she started to play well, Jess couldn't quite string enough points together and lost 18-21, 16-21.

The level doubles game followed a similar pattern, albeit with a shock in the mens.  All four ladies games went to Leics, who had quality in depth in their squad.  All of the games were close, with the Cambs ladies getting to mid-high teens in every one.  Club partners Louise Tarbit and debutante Jacquie Dennis played well, but couldn't exert control over the Leics ladies.  Katie and Jess went agonisingly close with another three-ender against the second pair, finishing in setting: 14-21, 21-16, 20-22.

In the mens, Sam and Skipper Daniel Bates were playing like men who had somewhere to be, winning the first end against the Leics first pairing to 7, and then finishing the second to 16.  They also won against the second pair comfortably.  Paul and James Wilson however won their first game easily (21-8, 21-14), but then came up against a wall in the second.  They found the Leics pair's defence just too good, and could not adjust their game plan, leaving them 19-21, 19-21 down.

That meant Cambs were trailing 5-7 going into the mixed, with a victory looking unlikely.  However, the traditional favouring for mixed in the County came again to the fore.  Paul and Katie have rapidly developed an understanding, and for the second match running registered a commanding win 21-13, 21-12.  James and Lou made harder work of their game, losing the first end in sets before building up a real head of steam, and winning 20-22, 21-19, 21-12.  That left Dan and Jess still on court, and the match there for the taking.  After slipping slightly in the middle period, they secured the game and the match by playing solid badminton and running away in the third end, winning 21-18, 17-21, 21-14.

The so the win was secure, although Leics IIIrds left with a well-deserved bonus point.  An exhausted Cambs team fell in to head for home, but the difficult day dragged on a little longer, with navigational crises making it difficult to find a suitable en-route watering hole which wasn't located down a dead-end country lane.  Cambs would also like to register a formal complaint to the Beefeater Observatory in Braunstone: not only does it not feature correctly on TomTom, but it is unacceptable to advertise 'Ultimate Chips', which have not a single quality which could be described as 'Ultimate', nor which are little more than a small cup of french fries...It was certainly sorely lacking for a hungry badminton team.

The IInd team now enjoy a break in matches until mid-January, when the face.... Leics IIIrds...(!)  The team will need to come out fighting to again earn points from the return leg.

The team: Daniel Bates (c), Sam Scharf, Katie Morton: Hurst Badminton Club / Paul Heads, Louise Tarbit, James Wilson, Jacquie Dennis: Ely Victoria Badminton Club / Jessica Sharman: Court Badminton Club

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