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Cambs Senior Ists Battle at Herts II

After a short three weeks since the first County match, the Cambs Ist team woke up early for the second match against the Herts IInds. The team received a warm welcome from the opponents with snacks and drinks and referees all ready upon arrival.

Shortly after 10am, the supposed singles specialists were called on all four courts to heat up the hall. Min showed quality play winning the first game against Matthew Widdicombe, but it was the second and the third games where the young Herts player showed his skills and consistency winning the match without much drama. Neil was challenged by a fit and eager-to-win opponent, James Reynolds, to whom Neil succumbed in straight games. Nat played against Frankie Edelmann in three games as did Olga against Laura Cousins, but both singles were won by Herts, giving a 4­-0 lead.

After the cold singles shower, the singles specialists teamed up with their partners for some fast doubles. Min with Simon faced Andy Walden and James Reynolds. It was a challenging encounter for both pairs. Min and Simon had to deal with the left­handed players and took time to adjust tactics after losing the first game, but thanks to a combination of Simon’s fast moves and leadership, and Min’s confidence and powerful smashes, the match was won by Min and Simon. 

Neil and James faced Chris Holt and Matthew Widdicombe. Neil and James started with no remorse, winning the first game and pushed the opponents into the corner. It was a challenging fight for both pairs, but the Herts pair came out stronger in the third game winning the match. 

Nat and Sara played against Frankie Edelmann and Laura Cousins. Despite a close ending in the first game, the match was won by the Herts pair. 

Olga built strong partnership with Alison in their doubles playing against Kat Young and Katy Warden. The match was won by Olga and Alison in straight games. 

In the second doubles round Min with Simon had another fast hour of doubles mixed with emotion and great moments. It took three games to decide the winners, but it was Min and Simon who played better and emerged victorious.

On the other court Neil and James played against the left­handed opponents, which was much difficult than anticipated and run out of time giving the win to the Herts pair.

Nat and Sara reloaded for the next round of doubles in full gear and won the first game with authority, but after the 2 minutes break the opponents found a difficult-­to-­crack failsafe way out from shellacking, winning the match in three games.

Olga and Alison in their second doubles match met the challenging opponents and exchanged trickery, but the opponents escaped the pressure and won the match in straight games. 

Mixed doubles started with passions running high despite the unfavorable score. Min and Olga faced Andy Walden and Kat Wright. The match oscillated slowly for both pairs without easy shots to each other, but it was Cambs' Min and Olga who grew frailer and lost the match in straight games.

Simon teamed up with Nat against Matthew Widdicombe and Laura Cousins. It was Simon and Nat who outfoxed the opponents and led the match to a win in straight games. Sara and James met Chris Holt and Katy Warden. It was Sara's anticipation abilities and James' persistence that led to a win in long three games.

So the match was lost 6-­9 to Herts, which earned one point to the Cambs Ist.

Big thanks to Alison for the lovely cakes and Simon for becoming the player of the match.

Match report by Min Dabasinskas.

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